Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Feel Like Rip Van Winkel

Well, shit!  How do I start after not blogging for so long?  Sometimes I wonder why I do this.  I am not a talented writer.  The stories that form in my head are cloud-like and dissolve before I sit down at the computer.

There is a treatment:  ice cream.  Be right back.

I don't have a desk lamp:  just a little lamp like you may find on a guest-room nightstand. Its light is dim and has cast a little island of light around my desk.  A small oasis in a very large, darkened bedroom.  Chuck is in bed way...the...hell...over...thar in the shadows.  We had planned to go to a street dance tonight, but he can't shake a nagging headache.  I lay next to him for a while and rubbed the back of his neck, but then I got to thinking, "What does a girl do when her plans change at the last minute?  When she is at home, but not obligated to do chores?"  Decisions, decisions.  I could read...oooohhhh....I could actually BLOG!

I stopped for a while, thinking it might help Chuck in his negotiations to move back into his house.  The negotiations continue; but we are settled, and Chuck is back in his natural habitat.  I begin to wonder whether giving it up has affected any change at all.  

Since I last wrote, Chuck asked me to join him when he returned to his home, and I accepted his offer.   We held a family meeting, so his kids and mine could give their opinions of this new step in the relationship.  When the suggestion met with unanimous approval, Chuck suggested that we carry it a step farther and get married.

Which we haven't yet!  I asked if we could get settled into cohabitation first, see how everything goes with money, family, etc...  We have lots of discussions about time and place.  Soon the perfect situation will present itself, and we'll know it when we see it.

We moved in on June 4th.  Chuck's ex-girlfriend (we're going to call her Henrietta in this incarnation of my journal) is living next door. 

Are you thinking, "Well, that's weird"?

Really?  Me too!!

Here are a couple of pictures:

I am learning to use it...

Chuck's house is beyond beautiful.  It is such a huge project, though.  There are still unpacked boxes everywhere.  The yard is in a shambles.  The potting bench was thrown down into the woods and is waiting to be retrieved and put back to use.  There are unhung pictures all over the place.  We have a shortage of shelving. 

After the move, the summer became busy.  A lot at work; a rare opportunity to float the Selway River in central Idaho; a tip back to the Midwest to see Chuck's dad, his grandmother, my mom.

Sara got her hair cut off right before this picture was taken.  Had to get her to take a quick break from admiring herself, to pose.

 Hammock time at the cottage.

And here I am again.