Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Embarrass

There's a town in Wisconsin called "Embarrass".  I think there's one in Oregon as well.  This is an old fashioned way of describing a log-jam.  A blockage.  An obstruction.  An "embarrass".

I have had Internet for a few weeks, now.  And almost the identical moment that I got the CAPABILITY to write, I lost the fucking inspiration!  What's with that, anyhow?

I have A LOT to say!  I'm a single lady living in an apartment slightly larger than a postage stamp.  I'm learning all sorts of new things.  I'm trying to navigate a new relationship for the first time in over 20 years.  There's a lot to SAY, folks.  So why do I only want to say it while I'm driving?  Or in the shower?  Not when I sit down at the computer.  I do not understand myself.

So, we're going to have to get this little problem under control.  I've just finished breaking a bunch of BAD habits - didn't mean to break a good one, for fuck's sake.

SO  we'll start small and simple.  Today will just be a list:  dumb stuff Kate did to amuse herself today

1.  Pens.  Martina got a pen from a student that, it you push the button, glows bright red and plays the entire Les Marseilles.  I was sort of jealous.  But I have a King Tut sarcophagus pen.  Don't see one of those every day!  We also have a daffodil pen, a pen that is actually a spring with a fuzzy head at one end; and a sappy Valentine heart pen.

2.  An improvised lint roller.  You know that horrible scratchy feeling you get after a haircut, when you have little tiny bits of hair all down your cleavage?  And your back and on your neck?  Yeah, well I had that problems and also had a roll of Scotch tape.

3.  Attempted taunting of Chuck with brownies.  There were three left in the pan, and I tried to make him think that I was going to take all three of them with me when I left for work this morning.  I made comments directed at the bedroom door to that effect.  This did not, unfortunately, send him rocketing  out of bed to protect his turf. He must be getting me figured out.  Booger.

4.  Waltzing with Becca. 

1 comment:

  1. A town called "Embarrass"? Really? I have SO got to move there.
    Love your pen collection, Kate. Classy!
    Your day sounds pretty good, especially the brownies, though the Scotch tape method of haircut debris removal sounds like it could get erotically out of hand so I'll steer clear of that.