Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back To School Shopping

I introduced Sara to the joys of thrift shopping today.  My reasons for this are two:  I'm poorer than I was; and thrifting is fun.  I do not like shopping much, but thrifting is more like treasure-hunting.  Nowhere else will you find so many ugly teapots all in one place.

We spent $38.60 and got most of what she wants for school.

Nate is not sold, though.  As we made our way toward the racks of girls' jeans, and he said, "These are old clothes, Sara." 
"I know." 
"Those jeans were already worn by another person.  Maybe even 'commando'."


  1. Ew! Nate's right about the jeans.
    I hope you bought a spectacularly ugly teapot.

  2. I'm behind on reading so I'm responding late, but this is one of Drew and my favorite things to do. Thrifting! We have found some of the most fun, unique, cute, and this-would-have-been-outrageously-expensive-new items ever! Drew has some dresses that are so unique and cute that every time she wears them people ask where she got them from. She just tells them "My mom got it for me." Something great to do with your daughter!