Saturday, September 3, 2011

August Ends in Pictures

I'll pay the rent a day early, because I'll probably stay in the Avenues tonight.
Sara left her sock monkey in the truck yesterday, resulting in a very sad phone call late at night.  "Mooooooooom?????  Do you know where sock monkey is????"  I promised her I would drop it off at the house in the morning, but then Chuck suggested I have a little more fun with it than that.  So I took it to her school on the morning and snuck it into her locker. She called me later.

"Well, I drove up to the school building and then I-"
"I mean, how do you know my locker combination?"
"Mom knows all things."
"Did you just walk right in?"
"No, I asked at the office."
"No!  Would I do that to you?  I told them I needed to drop off your birth control pills."
OK, I didn't.  I told them I needed to drop off a pair of clean panties, for reasons that were strictly between the two of us."

You get the idea.

Went for a run.

Chuck and I thought that, since his kids are coming for supper tonight, we would get a movie as well.  I really wanted "The Castle". Not at Blockbuster.  How about other Blockbusters?  Nope.  Not at any Blockbuster.  Does Blockbuster have no sense of humor?  Lots of Adam Sandler.  No "Castle"?
Maybe the library has it?
Boo-hoo.  Oh, well.  life's not all bad.  There's still Nacho Libre, Raising Arizona, Harold and Kumar...

The Kitchen Manager and the Adult Education Floor Manager are still getting used to each other.  I found this note, posted prominently in the office.  To read this, you would think the place was smeared with food and water gushing into the sinks all night.  I think Jodi is talking about the main tap that brings water to the other taps; and a carton of bagged potato chips...
Work clothes.
I have a lot of paper work to do.  The sign is hard to read, but says, "Kate is in the cone of silence. Unless we have an appointment, please do not disturb."  Despite its positioning right  in my doorway and the "combustible" sign directly over it (ESL teachers have lots of signs), no one paid it the slightest attention and just barged in anyway.

Emily B.  New teacher with an appontment for a training session.

Time to get the minuscule rock chip in my windshield fixed.
We needed a magnifying glass, but the guy found it.
See it?  No, neither do I.  Everyone says, though:  fix it now, before it turns into a crack.  OK, OK...
It is much faster to drive  to the Avenues  now that this bridge (the North Temple Viaduct) is finally open after being rebuilt.  It would be even faster if it weren't narrowed to one lane, but I am still happy.
The house on Aloha Road.  Residence of Cliff, Chuck, Arnell and their kids, friends and groupies.
Chuck's daughter is in town for a couple weeks before she goes back to college. He is psyched and has roasted a yummy chicken.  Killing the fated calf is just a little too expensive and would require too much freezer space.
My dinner preparation duties?  Drink wine and read the newspaper.

Chuck, Cliff and Chuck's son, G.  You can't see daughter K, outside the frame. 

At this point, my photo journal bit the dust.  I got way too engaged in visiting with all these fun people, then by baking brownies, then by watching "Raising Arizona", then by doing dishes.  More discipline next month.


  1. Whooee! That's a whole movie of a post!
    I freaked when I saw Sara's Sock Monkey; I have one just the same (yes, I know I'm fifty-two years old). Your conversation explaining how it got in her locker has to be the funniest thing I have read in a very long time.

  2. Excellent post! I hope September continues to be filled with good things!

  3. Loving the picture blog. Rent a day early, I am impressed. And good old mum with the sock monkey, I am impressed again.