Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Ends in Pictures

 Chuck's Hand of Fatima gets all catywumpus around his neck while he sleeps.  I keep thinking he will get bored with it and finally take it off; but there it stays...

 Leftover peach cobbler for breakfast.

 The Rec Center, as usual.

 On Fridays, I shop the sales.  First I go to Smith's for grapes, asparagus and soap...
 Then Macey's for sandwich bags, cucumbers and yogurt.
 Then home for what I call The Great Switchover: in which I travel back to my place just long enough to run a load of wash; exchange the clothes I have been wearing at Chuck's place for others to wear at the weekend; gather food that I need for weekend cooking, etc...  It is a huge pain.

 Girl Scout Cookies help.
 Everything I need to make bean soup tomorrow night.

 Monthly All-Staff Meeting
 I write thank-you notes during the meeting,
 Until the United Way presentation.
 The Cookie Mobile
 I take a little walk down the block in the afternoon,
 to Neighborhood House.

 It's Senior Daycare.  I love the time that I spend here.
 Back to work!
 Stuff to take home for the weekend
 Before I leave, I pretty myself up a little.
 And chat with my friends.

 Chuck's Franken-Audi project:  Taking the front end body work off his old Audi, which no longer runs; and putting it on this other Audi he just bought, which runs find but has a smashed up front end.

 We all make dinner together tonight.

 I survey Chuck about how he uses grammar in a certain kind of conditional sentence.  We are curious about it at work.
Dinner and conversation with Liz and Roi at the end of the day.

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