Saturday, January 5, 2013

Six Word Saturday

Missing newspaper.
Chilly feet.
Crabby Kate.


  1. I hope you found it! Have a good weekend, anyway.

    My 6ws is here:

  2. Haha! Kate.

    I've been posting my six words on Smith Magazine's Six Word Memoirs (, but here is just as fun, especially because I get to see things like how crabby you are! LOL!

    Sore body anticipating
    hubby's warm

  3. We gave up the newspaper delivery because it never came on time. Now we read our news on-line and save money.

  4. No news is good news right? :) Sounds like you need to go soak in a nice warm bath to warm and cheer up! Hope you day gets better soon.

  5. I feel your pain. Day just doesn't start right without the newspaper.

  6. I hope your feet and Kate warm up quickly!

  7. I had chilly feet all day as well but the crabby wore off finally around 3 it is 10pm and still can't bring myself to take the socks off lol
    stopping by from SWS enjoy your Sunday *,*

  8. Such simple words with such meaning. I know this feeling too well, when the newspaper goes missing I get upset.

    One day it turned out that son had driven to work with it on his car boot (we have high fences so the paper guy has to hurl it over the fence)I look on the ground not on car boots LOL

    I love your header, I think we all need to re-find ourselves