Friday, April 12, 2013

Coffee Shop

I'm hanging out at Beans and Brews:  my little Friday ritual while I wait for Nate to finish soccer practice and bemoan the lack of reliable Internet at my house.

Today, I am joined by Sara, who would be at her own soccer practice; but moments before leaving the house, she kicked a chair leg with her baby toe.   Do we all know that feeling?  After much deliberation and walking around the car in both regular shoes and cleats, she has tearfully decided that practice today won't be happening.  She has a game tomorrow, so she's stressed about it.  We'll ice the toe and pamper it a little when we get home.  In the meantime, she is slumped across from me, consoling herself with "Pets in the City Magazine" and a raspberry Italian soda.  Aw... it's all gone already!?  Don't worry Sara:  now that the soda is finished, you can stick your foot into the ice. 

Kelly Clarkson is playing, and the place is empty except for a guy who is clearly addicted to over-developing his lats.  Oh, and his girlfriend, who is sporting a perfect ass in a pair of yoga pants.  I can totally imagine that ass on me.   I'm sure it would make me a better person.

Sara is reading Tobi the rabbit's horoscope.  Apparently, he is losing hope and needs to try to be more optimistic.  Since Marianne has moved out of the house next store (albeit temporarily, according to her), we miss having visitation rights with all of Chuck's former pets.  Now more nighttime scratches at the door by Sally the West Highland White terrier.  We did get a phone message today from the vet.  "This is Animal House Pet Center, calling for Marianne W.  We are just confirming Sally's appointment tomorrow, for rehab."  The kids were appalled at first.  Probably just a pulled muscle, kids.  Or a cut paw.  Most likely not a drug problem. 
I am in a much better frame of mind than I was when I wrote my previous entry.  The sun is shining. The bright side of an early-arriving period?  It is now finished.  I held my plank position for 2 minutes and 50 seconds today.  Chuck turned the furnace back on, so I did not need to dig the wood out of the ravine.  We still have no Internet; Nate's computer is still on the fritz; my budget is still under sequestration.  But... I dunno...   Here I am.  Kate restored.  Kate loved.  Looking forward.

 I booked my ticket to Barcelona! 

This trip is going to be fantastic!  I didn't think we could afford it, but Chuck's family is offering us the air fares as a wedding gift.  The honeymoon is going to happen before the wedding, but I've decided that a certain level of disorder is healthy, right?

This much I know:  first two weeks of July;  northern Spain;  avoiding cities, except for a couple days in Barcelona.  We are taking the tandem and doing this as a bike trip.  Maybe not a move-from-town-to-town-each-day bike tour, though.  That's for the serious cyclist rather than the dilettante - I'm kinda thinking it would be nice to stay several days in some places and do little side trips.  I'm imagining a mix of intense physical activity, romance, lounging, eating and sightseeing.  Any of you out there who have ever hung out in northern Spain, please weigh in with advice about places to stay, fun things to do, and ways to stay off the beaten track.  Those you who I know are seasoned travelers, I will perhaps pursue and ask for advice.

Whoops.  Soccer practice is over.  Later! 


  1. It sounds wonderful, Kate (except I can't ride a bike!) Never been to Barcelona either so I am very jealous.

  2. You make me want to exercise. And visit a coffee shop.