Monday, July 1, 2013

June Ends in Pictures

Yes, really!  We are experiencing a heat wave so intense here that, if I want to get my 12-mile run done, I need to get going early!


The doors are open wide until the outside temperature is warmer than the inside temperature.  Then we close everything up.

OH, LOOK!  My bed, just like I left it at 4:15.  I'll just have a little lie-down...

Two hours later...

As always, my right hamstring is sore.  Sara helps me stretch it.

Almost all packed for Spain!

Errands.  It is so hot that scarcely anyone is out and about.

No matter how much I run, no matter how carefully I eat...trying on swimsuits is a humilaiting experience.

A little housewarming gift for the tenants.

Landlord stuff


My lovely rental property

Mmmmm...  Salted limeade with plum

Tobi needs to be relocated to the kids' dad's house while I am gone.

Nate sharing the back of the Fiat with Tobi's smooshed up wire enclosure.  He wanted me to make it clear that he "is not in a squad car".
Europe rental phone


  1. I can't imagine the UK ever having a heat wave.
    You have a lovely home and rental property.

    Hope you got my email?

  2. So much to do before going on a trip!