Monday, June 2, 2014

May Ends in Pictures

 Creek in spring flood.

 Given how frustrated I get with the amount of laundry the girl creates,  I view this picture with a Hansel and Gretel mindset.  Yeeeeessssss, little girl.  Just lean in a little closer... a little closer....
Trying not to eat so much sugar and junk this week.  Eggs for breakfast.  My heart yearns for my Honey Nut Cheerios.

 Ooooh!  Four bars here at the park where I have dropped Sara for soccer.  I'll take care of the e-mails I didn't get around to yesterday.

 We had a big, dead tree taken down last week and have been busy cutting up all the bits that we want to use. Big stove-wood; cook stove wood; kindling; finally (what I call) small-wood. The twiggies will go the chipper at the landfill.
 This is ALL HERS!  And she just got to my house last night!  How can this be?!  "I cleaned my room, Mom."  So all the clean clothes that got dumped on the floor, and can't be worn because they are "dusty" are now back in the laundry?!?  She swears that is not the case; and that these are all clothes that were dirty and discarded on the floor, but I am not convinced.  She can't figure out why I care, since she washes and dries it herself.  I counter that she would have a better understanding of the luxury of doing laundry if she had been in the Peace Corps and had to wash everything by hand in an old-style wash-tub, like I did.
 Making it rain on my rhubarb.

 By far the most kids Sara has ever invited over.

 Nate is helping by prepping the maps for the different teams.
 Sara told me all I had to do was provide drinks and ice, so I am now doing housework and staying out of the way.
 Chuck is finishing up his balsa and fiberglass raft frame.

 Boundaries laid out in the woods for Capture the Flag.

 While the kids arrive and get ready to play, I get started on the tamales for Chuck's birthday party tomorrow.

 OK, they're finally ready to go.  Sara gives instructions.

The tournament has ended.  The boys have gone home; scratched legs have been cleaned up; the girls are chilling and giving each other dating advice. It's all over except the Solo cups strewn over a half-mile radius.

 Need to catch up on my filing.
 Chuck and I went to take the recycling out to the county dumpster.  He showed my his loot from the landfill, where people often dump perfectly good firewood.  He left with that twiggy stuff and came back with real logs.  Kind of Rumpelstiltskin-like.  Straw turned to gold.


  1. I love this way of taking us through a day; it feels like one of our days here, too, where we fill the day and then hack away at multiple tasks in small increments, and suddenly, it all got done. (or not)

  2. I'm back: Meredith (the one who wrote the Crossfit post) blogs rarely these days, but she said I could/should pass on her blog address to you, in case you want to see what she's got there!

    Thanks for asking.

  3. Somehow, your days seem so much more interesting than mine. I couldn't make a tamale if my life depended on it....