Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Farmhouse Porch

Patrice, is it cool where you are?  It is so hot in Utah that we don't want to eat supper out on the deck at the moment.  I'm coming over to your place, and I have a big pitcher of iced tea.

1.  Do you like cucumbers?  Is there a favorite way that you prepare them?

I love cucumbers,and I am more than happy to eat them with just a splash of rice vinegar and a little salt.

2.  How good a housekeeper are you?

I would say I'm pretty good.  I have a chore "hit-list" that I cycle through:  dusting, floors, kitchen cleaning, tubs, etc...  This means that there is never a day in which everything is pristine all at once; but everything gets the treatment often enough that I am OK with having company over at the spur of the moment.  That's my goal.  I'm not a CLEAN freak.  I'm a NEAT freak, though, which is a little different.  I like to keep all my stuff put away because clutter makes me feel unsettled.

3.  To spend a day reading a great book in a comfy hammock would be amazing.

4.  How do you handle times when you are "down" or "blue"?

I don't get depressed very often.  I have a "down" day maybe once every three or four months - lucky me!  When I get sad, I become very unproductive and often go back to bed.  Chuck can usually cheer me up pretty quickly, though.

5.  Have you started using essential oils, now that they have become popular?

Essential oils.  Huh.  Do we eat them?  Smell them?  Put them on our skin?  Put me in the loop, please.


  1. I am definitely a neat freak rather than a clean freak. Yes I like things clean, but boy do I hate things being untidy!

  2. to this day, cucs in rice vinegar with sliced heirloom tomatoes is one of my fav things to eat on a hot summer day....