Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Don't Speak Their Language

Just in from the hot tub and cozy in my jammies.  Before I came inside, I smiled to hear the coyotes doing their thing.  I can't call it howling.  They don't howl.  They yip, bark, squeal, sounds to me like a complex conversation.  What are they talking about?  Who gets the dead thing they have just found? The sexy aroma of that bitch in heat?  Who scared the neighborhood dog?  Or are they just making noise because its fun?
For the last week, they have been hanging out in an old dump, about 200 feet from the house.

I waited until they had finished their session,then joined in


Since they don't howl, neither did I.  I just made a siren sort of noise.  I remember when I lived in the suburbs, there was a nearby vacant lot with a couple resident coyotes.  It used to crack me up, the way they would carry on when a fire truck screamed by.

Sure enough, there was a moment of startled silence, followed by renewed yipping, hollering and shrieking.  I flipped the lid of the hot tub shut and came in to bed. 


  1. sounds like a fun thing to do- howl with the critters!

  2. I've been accused of flights of fancy in my time, but I have to say: I'm envious of your brain's ability to imagine coyote conversations. I'd like to take a long vacation in your brain!

  3. It sounds like the coyotes understood you. :)