Monday, June 8, 2015


Today, I heard from Chuck in the morning as he crossed into Mexico at Mexicali.  I haven't hear from him since.  He is making his way down Mexico Highway 5, headed for La Paz, where I am supposed to meet him on Thursday evening.  I know that he is not calling because there is probably no cell reception in that part of Baja California.  Still, I will be relieved when he can contact me again.  I try not to think of him in the dark on the side of a desert highway, struggling to change a broken wheel bearing. Instead, I imagine him peacefully sleeping in some seaside campsite, snoring away on his futon in the back of the van.  I imagine him eating is fill of ceviche and drinking a couple of beers while trying to make conversation with some local guy in San Felipe.  If I did not have a doubt in my mind, this would not be an adventure. 


  1. He's probably safe and sound :) But I know it is a bit scary when crossing the border and going into Mexico. Should be fun times though!


  2. My partner travels a lot. I became convinced when she spent a Summer in Africa that she would somehow get stranded there. I even had zombie apocalypse nightmares. And then she came home and brought all her junkiness into my nice neat house and I just sighed....

  3. For the record, I once crossed the Mexico border and I found it very exciting.
    I bet he's having a good time and looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  4. Where are you? I miss your posts! Hope all is okay.