Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Ends in Pictures

I'll start off in running clothes, then change at work.
Wake up Sara!  School!  Love these door beads....
My dentist is always late.  I have learned to take a book and schedulr appointments for 8:00 AM, before he has a chance to get seriously backlogged.   How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, by Julia Alvarez.
Dr. Russell Like to hear all about the books I am reading, but has an annoying habit of asking about them while he has his fingers in my mouth.
To the bank (couldn't you guess by the cheap suckers?) to get a cashier's check for $1010 to cover tomorrow's rent and security deposit...
Then to Nathan's school Habitat Fair.  Nate's animal was the grizzly bear.
I think his look of contrived ennui is cute!
To work.  Let's see... What is this flash card supposed to represent?  "Scared?"  "Teeth?"  This kid thinks HE'S scared?  He doesn't have to work with Becca!
Before getting started with my regular stuff, I had to call the electric and gas companies and get my account information for the apartment office people.
E-mail took FOREVER today.
Yuck!  The data sheet on one of my federal grant proposals.  Got both grants done and submitted to the State Office of Education.
My colleague Mary Sue brought me an egg roll from her lunch! Yay!  'Cause I didn't get around to eating my own lunch until 3:00 PM pr something.
My keybaord tray is driving me up the fucking wall.  Now it is held together with a paperclip and one of those clamp-style paperclips that I call a "bullfrog".
Thank you notes to volunteers who have stayed with us for amazing lengths of time.
We put lessons in these folders for our learning groups.

Thu Ha has just got back from a long trip to Vietnam.  Rai is modeling one of the little scarves she brought for each of us.  We love them, but we are mystified:  it's too hot in Vietnem to wear wooly scarves.
Our uniform shirts with our new logo have arrived.  I distribute them to support staff.
My dear friend David L., teaching his group.
Student Victor M., famous in this blog for his many bad jokes.

Yen H. told us that she passed her US Citizenship exam.

11:30 PM:  Time to go home with all of my month-end paperwork (I refuse to fall behind, move or no move) and a couple precious cardboard boxes.


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  1. Whew! What a day! I'm exhausted just watching. And you've got to move house, too! Yikes.