Friday, December 16, 2011

High Point, Low Point

High Point?  Budget Babe rules!  Today's paycheck was the one that achieved my saving goal, and I am proud because six months ago I didn't know a thing about my financial situation or how I was going to get by.  Now, my checking account has a reasonable amount in it, but not too much.  Enough that I know I won't go into overdraft, even if something crazy happens; but no more than that.  Then I have a savings account, called "Serious".  That is where I have been saving enough money that I would have a cushion if I lost my job or my cancer came back.  I reached my goal amount there.  I could keep socking money away there, but I've decided to reward myself by opening a new account, called "Fun".  Here's where I'm going to save up so I can travel.  Yay, me!

Low Point?  Big fight with Si.  He said weeks ago that he would keep the kids overnight tomorrow night, so I can go to a party.  Then he called me and said he wouldn't watch them after all.  Then he acquiesced and said "Fine.  Whatever you want."  Then tonight, he declared that he would not watch them.  At this point it is too late to get a sitter.  He's mad because, when he agreed to do it, he was happy and together with Debbie.  Now, he is trying to date; and he thinks he needs to have all his weekend non-custodial nights free to do this.  When I said that he had agreed to keep the kids, and that it wasn't fair to just cancel at the last minute because he felt like it, he turned on me and shouted that he didn't have to be fair.  He didn't have to be nice to me or reasonable with me because I had left him.  Then he stomped into the house (when I asked if we could talk about this away from the kids, he offered to let me discuss it outside while he checked the mailbox), locked the door and wouldn't let me in.  My purse was in there, and the kids were in there (Nate crying).  I had to stand there knocking at the door, asking to be let in.  Nate tried to unlock the door once, but Si didn't want him to.  Si finally let me in so I could get my stuff.  I understand his frustration; but he lets his rage just take over, and he doesn't care what he says or does.  I have asked for help with the kids a few times.  So has he.  Tonight, he told me that he has never asked for help with the kids, but I have helped him a couple times; and told him I would keep them while he went to Costa Rica on vacation in January (although, he has forgotten this,now, since he is split up from Debbie and probably not going to Costa Rica).  He also sent me dates for three business trips coming up in the spring! 


  1. You rock. I should hire you as my own personal savings account keeper. Hang in there! Like savings accounts, the frustrations improve with time. But you already knew that. :)

  2. I'm so impressed and proud of the way you have taken control of your finances! Way to go, Kate!

    Sorry Simon's memory is so selective. That sucks.

  3. I would have done something really, really babyish like...came in and grabbed my purse and then put my fists to eyes and pretended to be him crying like a wah wah baby.

    Yes, I am really that shallow.