Monday, December 5, 2011


I took the kids and Chuck to the Dollar Theater tonight to see Dolphin Tale.  Sappy and over-rendered, but Sara LOOOOOOVED it!  Chuck asked me afterward of it made me cry.  Only a teensie bit. Nothing like Charlotte's Web, which slays me!  The movie makes me cry like a baby, as does the book.  Especially the book, because it is tender without trying too hard. 

Are there books or movies that make you ball ridiculously?  So embarrassing.

Then we got ice cream.  Since I have become single, I sometimes amuse myself by getting the weirdest flavored ice cream in the store  At Baskin Robbins tonight, I got French Toast.  Imagine Cookie Dough and Maple Nut mixed together.  Well, it was an adventure.

Things I am supposed to be doing, but I am blogging instead:

Prepping a butt-load of chicken that I bought (79 cents a pound!) to freeze;
Sewing a button back on my coat;
Making sack lunches;
Offering the Computer Lab Assistant job to someone;
Filing bills, statements and letters;
Frosting Mint Sticks for Christmas;
Putting today's expenditures in my budget;
Mopping the floors;
Reorganizing one of my overcrowded kitchen cupboards, which is getting on my nerves;
Cleaning mirrors and windows;
Doing month-end administration for work.

I'd better get on the ol'chop-chop.

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