Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Begins in Pictures

April begins in pictures this time, because I messed up yesterday and didn't remember to take photos consistently, all day.  And these, I find uninspiring.  I'm sorry to say that I am still suffering a little absence of effort when it comes to my blog.  

 Gloomy and miserable today.  Thank goodness that the overhang on my little porch is glass, so some light gets into the apartment.

Kitchen made more cheerful by flowers.


 The kids wanted allowance, but all I had were fives.
 "In the Garden of Beasts", by Erik Larson
 We're so close to the movies that we can walk. Something tells me the kids would have preferred to drive...

 The Hunger Games!  Oh, long-awaited day in Sara's life!

 Hmmm... How does this look for supper?
 Calling a few last students to start in the new quarter of the Monday / Wednesday ESL program.


 We went up to Aloha Road to watch the women's semi-final of the NCAA Championships:  Notre Dame vs. University of Connecticut.  Chuck asked us to come over because the star of the Notre Dame team is named Skylar Diggins.  Any relation?  Possibly, but it would have to be the African American side of the family.  I forgot to take pictures of us during the game - I always forget when I'm around Chuck.  Suffice to say we had fun.

 We played with toy swords after the game.  Toni really wanted to be in on it, so Cliff (Chuck's friend and the owner of the Aloha house) handed her a sword and found that she can spar pretty well.

 It was delicious, but it NEVER looks like the fucking magazine, does it?

 Some chores just have to be done, even by us glamorous, jet-setting types.

And if cleaning the fridge weren't glamorous enough...


  1. No, dammit, it never looks like the magazine. I use many Cooking Light recipes and my funny (har) husband always says "does it look like the picture?"

  2. Love your April pictures. A real slice of real life.

  3. PS Sara is looking grown up these days!