Monday, October 8, 2012

September Ends in Pictures

 The last day of September dawned a little stressfully for me, because I had had a party the night before, and said drunkenly stupidly before I fell into bed, "Book Club tomorrow morning?  No problem!  I'll get up early!"  And so I did, to face all those things you find after a party:  black guacamole; burned out candles; five opened bags of tortilla chips; baskets half-full of crostini; etc...
 Let's shed a little light on the topic...
 While cleaning up, I'll just knock together an Herbed Ricotta Tart.
 Shove the tortilla chip bags out of the way and get choppin'.
 Get the oven lit and a flame going.

 NOW what time is it?!  NOW what time is it?!
 Almost ready...
 Drum roll...
 Made it!
 Lots of possible choices for next meeting.  I chose "The Night Circus", which I have been wanting to read.
 Time for some housework.

 Scarlett come out to play while I was working in the kitchen.  Turns out she likes coffee. 

 Shall I show off my guy's genius?  Look how he used this corrugated steel to make indirect lighting in the kitchen. 
 The Monday / Wednesday night Adult Education program starts tomorrow.  Last minute phone calls to folks I haven't been able to contact, yet. 
 Leftover banana bread!  A big reason that I love hosting Book Club.
 Scarlett loves to tear the woodpile apart while I read the Sunday paper.

 Shall I flop on the bed and take a nap?  Or shall I get out into the garden and plant garlic?

 Hi, Fatso!  He's "Henrietta's" cat, but he visits us a lot. 
 Chuck's daughter Kaitlin made this little cement doo-hickey many years ago, and I unearthed it while I was mulching.  We'll make it the centerpiece of the garlic bed. 

 Time to go pick up the kids.  We parked the cars out by the main road last night, to make more room for guests.  I will take the scenic route, so I don't have to walk in front of "Henrietta's" house.  I can feel her sticking pins into her voodoo doll when I walk by.  So I walk into the forest...  Past one of Chuck's antique barns...
 I clamber down an old bridge abutment and cross the dry creek bed (this time of year, the water is low and whatever is still flowing down the mountain has already been diverted for use by the city of Murray before it passes Chuck's house.)
 And up the Granite Quarry Trail to my car.  Which is.... A RENTAL, because I was back-ended on the freeway last week, and my little Fiat is in the shop AGAIN!!

 Dinner is leftovers from the party and Book Club.
 Paperwork for Guadalupe.

 I'm gonna read this to the kids. 
 Ooooh... I bought it for this morning, and totally forgot.  Now it looks so tasty...


  1. LOVE that house! And your ambition. And your book club!

    I was kind of lost this weekend, having run out of books to read. The second-to-last thing I read was a freebie I'd earned by taking an online survey. "Full Body Burden" is a memoir about a woman who grew up near the Rocky Flats nuclear arms plant. I'm not usually into memoir, but this read like a novel. Kind of sick, but I didn't want the book to end!

    The surveyors also sent a realistic novel, "The Buddha in the Attic." TOO realistic, so I skimmed it, but I still learned a lot about the Japanese internment encamps during WWII and how the Japanese immigrants learned to hide their cultural identities. Disgusting part of our history.

  2. What a lovely home! I think anything by Margaret Atwood would be perfect book club reading. And I am totally freaked out by how tidy your checkbook is...

  3. Hi, THANKS for visiting my blog. :-) LOVE the pics've got a lovely home! :-)