Saturday, October 20, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Thrift store treasures with my daughter.


  1. oooh that's just teasing! we want to see pictures of the treasures!! hope that you both had fun!

  2. wonderful to be able to share such interests with your child...thanx for sharing

  3. We love thrift stores. I once found a Mary Quant dress there with the tags still on for 5 bucks! And we have an entire 10 piece plate setting of Japanese china that we only use on holidays. We got it for 50 dollars, worth thousands.

    And of course, when Liv was little, I refused to buy new Barbie Dolls and she ADORED using them to play women's swim team Olympics in the bathtub. So, I let her buy them at thrift shops. At one time we had 14 Barbies.

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