Sunday, January 4, 2015

Two Days in a Row!

Yes!  I did it!  A second day of blogging!  Having a hard time reaching your goals?  Set the bar veeeery low.  No, lower.  And a little lower.

Chuck and I are back in our matching recliners.  I have a little glass of High West Double Rye (local distillery; and so, so good) at my elbow, to lubricate my thoughts.

Today was a happy day, although uneventful.

We have a cute little Canyon Wren hanging around the house this winter, and he managed to get inside today.  He flew high up into the rafters and there he stayed:  flying around, finding little crumbs to eat, chirping, flicking his tail and generally being adorable.  There was no hope of catching him.  We just waited until he was hopping around the living room looking out the French doors; we opened them and he went out (kind of reluctantly).

Oatmeal with coconut and dates sprinkled on it.

A few licks on my latest project:  reupholstering my great-grandmother's rocking chair.  I will track the progress of this project here, and start by saying that I have no idea what I am doing. As I take off the old upholstery,  I just try to pay close attention, so I can cut the new upholstery and put it on in the same way.  Pray for me.  Why can't I just pay a professional and spare myself the humiliation?  On the other hand, it's very fulfilling to pull tacks.
I took down the Christmas tree and enjoyed that strange, empty, light feeling you always have for a few hours after you remove the Christmas tree. 

I got a hose out of the woodshed and topped up the hot tub.  We had a big teenager party last week, and they overflowed it.

I was planning to go in search of cranberries and make my favorite cranberry upside down cake, but decided not to drive all over the place trying to find something as elusive as cranberries after the holidays.  I was dumb not to buy a whole bunch and freeze them when I had the chance.  There was banana bread in the freezer,so I just thawed that out for dessert.

Sara went skiing, so Nate and Chuck and I went out in the woods and worked on the luge run we build every winter.  We built a few banks at the corners of the run and got it working pretty well.  Now we just need a bunch of kids to slick it down. 

I made Chinese beef and cabbage for supper, and spaghetti sauce for tomorrow's supper (I have to work late); scrubbed out the cupboard under the sink; and that was my day.

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