Sunday, January 25, 2015

Busy Weekend

I am feeling dozy here on the bed in my pajamas with the rockets on them.  The kids are quiet - I think they have gone to bed.  I should, too.  Morning comes early:  I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow so I can get Sara to school for an early-morning chemistry lab.

The weekend sort of blew me away.  How do I write about all of this?  I give up.

We had guests for supper three nights in a row.

Chuck's half-brother is in the ICU back in his hometown in Illinois.  He started a fight, but the other guy finished it.  Chuck's father called today to say it looks like Ben is going to live. 

Chuck has gone to contract on a four-plex.  This, along with my rental house, constitutes our real estate empire.

We had our river-trip consortium potluck tonight and applied collectively for permits for the Main Salmon, Middle Fork of the Salmon, Yampa, Selway, San Juan and Rogue Rivers.

No wonder my head is heavy.


  1. I sometimes look at your life and wonder how you do it all. All those camping trips fraught with hiking and rafting and other strenuous activities! And you seem to throw lots of dinner parties. I feel kind of like a lazy ass around you.....I come home and night and ask Bing for foot rubs while we watch the newest offering from The History Channel. (If you get a chance, Sons of Liberty is excellent...) On the weekends, my favorite activity is to sit in my easy chair and read.

  2. How neat to have dinner guests that many nights in a row :) We really need to start and do more entertaining ourselves so you inspire me :) Your river adventures sound interesting too, is the Rogue River in Oregon? Lived close to it years ago :) Sounds like fun times ahead! Always good to be a bit busy I think :)


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  4. 3 nights in a row? I take my hat off to you (If I was wearing one.)