Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What Happiness is Made of Today

1.  Cheerios, mixed with Raisin Bran:  breakfast of champions.
2.  My pet rabbit's joy at finding cabbage in her treat bowl.  She leapt into the air and took her first bite before she had all four feet back on the ground. 
3.  Taking my car into the Fiat dealer for expensive repairs wasn't fun.  But, I put my new bike on the bike rack and rode from the dealership to my school.  It was a beautiful, unseasonably warm day and I felt like a fully functional not-quite-senior-citizen toodling along.  AND three of the four drunks on the Fourth South viaduct pulled their feet out of the path so I could get by more easily.
4.  Guest room is ready for Chuck's old friend Bill P., who's going to be visiting from Vermont:  he doesn't realize that their snow is way better than ours this winter?  He's promised to cook dinner while he's here, and invite a couple of other old friends whom Chuck hasn't seen in years.
5.  Chuck's father's family is creating drama at the moment, with lots of feuding.  But we're laughing about it.
6.  Showing off my new bike and escorting it to my office, where I was able to assign it a cubicle of its own.
7.  I ordered a Baskin Robbins' ice cream cake for Nathan's birthday next week.  I was placing the order over the phone and the lady asked me how to spell "Nathan".  Uh... "N-A-T-H-A-N".  "One more time, please?"  [heartbeat...heartbeat...]  "N as in Norman, A as in apple, T as in tango, H as in helper, A as in apple, N as in Norman."  "Was that Matham?  M-A-T-H-A-M?" " No, that would be Nathan:  N-A-T-H-A-N.  N as in...  Norman..."  Then I realized that (only in Utah), it could be "N as in Norman" or "M as in Mormon".
8.  Chicken Piccata, with browned lemons and capers.
9.  White rice.  I should eat brown.  I always eat brown.  I was really craving white.
10.  Scarlett the cockatoo, who flew off her perch and onto the floor, where she wandered around, talking to herself; until she encountered the open dishwasher and used the racks to climb back to the counter top.
11.  I opened an account at TDAmeritrade.  Wish me luck:  I'm gonna play the stock market.  Advice, anyone? 
12.  Rum and Diet Coke.
13.  The Utah Division of Air Quality has backed off their earlier  push to ban  all burning of wood in the Salt Lake Valley. I will continue to go through life smelling of wood smoke.
14.  Another rum and Diet Coke.


  1. I like #12 and #14 myself :) Laughed at #7 :) Cute how you did this! Enjoy the visit with old friends :)


  2. Love this list! Now I'm remembering that I used to really love rum and Diet why has it been so long since I've had one?

    Also: love your bike riding, spelling N-A-T-H-A-N, and the fact that you're laughing when the family is feuding.

  3. My dear sainted Irish Mother used to always say, "Get it while the getting's good."

  4. Ice-cream cake? Why have I never had one?
    I love the fact your rabbit actually jumped for joy.