Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Ends in Pictures

Well, yesterday was very strange indeed:  Chuck and I had a quiet day at home.

Sunrise view down the canyon and across to the Oquir Range, starting to glow pink.

 It's better to look at the distant view, rather than what is happening in what used to be the woods to the west of the house.
 And here's what we have going on to the east.  Yep, with a bird's eye view into our back yard. 

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.
Here I am!
Stuck in the middle with you!

 My eyes have been bugging me, so I guess I'll wear my glasses.  Chuck thinks they look cute.  I think they make me look like a girlmanboy.

 Sleepy husband; but Jack is wide awake.
 Not very pretty here these days.  We could use some more snow.
 The Fiat needs attention.  Worn out ball joint; tail light, running light and indicator light out; check-engine light on.
 I don't get the chance to sit in front of the fire very often.  I am kicking back in my recliner...
 ...reading rental agreements.  Chuck is buying a four-plex just down the block from my rental house.  So we are about to have four more tenants.  And thus our empire expands. 
 How about pizza for supper?  I'll thaw some dough. 

 The chore du jour:  cleaning the pantry.

 Time to try out my new bike.  It's been a long winter - let's check out my leg-fat.  Whew!  Better cover that up with some sweat pants!

 Chuck is going to celebrate this excellent ride with a beer.  I'm going to celebrate by...
 ...working on the pantry some more.

 I haven't quite figured out how to make the pizza crust perfectly round.

Then I stopped taking pictures for a little while because we were at the movies, being horrified by "Gone Girl".

A satisfactory ending to the day!

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  1. Nice to see your day in pictures! I bet it was a feeling of accomplishment to get the pantry done! I do admire you for making homemade pizza; it did look good! Now onto February!