Friday, April 3, 2015

Rye and Roy Orbison

Not to mention a hot bath and my "rocket" pajamas.  What more do I need?  Oh, him.  He has taken off on a river trip, tying Old Dent, my family canoe, onto the big van and heading into The Maze section of Canyonlands.  Canoeing, backpacking, canyoneering:  all my favorite stuff!  But, when we were invited on the trip, Simon had told me that he would be out of town on business, and he needed me to have extra custody.  Then, after all the plans were made and permits acquired, his trip dates changed. 

Pfffft.  That's me, deflating.

Ah, well.  I will miss him.  But you know how it is when your spouse goes away and you are on your own.  Loneliness tempered with odd moments of liberation.  I mean it is 11:22 PM; and I am still up, blasting "Mystery Girl" without a care.  If Chuck were here, he would have been in bed for an hour already.

The day was sunny, but cold.  Too cold for gardening.  After seeing Chuck off, I went to work and met with one of the teachers about her lesson plans.  Her lesson plans, over the past year, have become so much more connected; better pacing; cleaner objectives.  I was happy to be able to tell her how great they were; and she was happy that I was happy.  That was probably my high point, today. 

Nate is sick, now.  I picked him up after work, and he greeted me with mute outrage.  He's mad at me because I "made him sick".  Dude, we're a family.  It's one of the things families do for each other.  Well, his sense of humor is a bit compromised by his throat, which feels "as if he's being stabbed in the neck".  [Sigh] I can empathize.  It really was about that bad.  I got him settled with juice and Ibuprofen.  Then Sara called me and said that she wanted to have supper at her boyfriend's house.  I swear, I am not Italian; but I kind of roll that way when it comes to having supper together.  I stood there on the front steps, mouth opening and closing like a fish.  But, but, but, I'm making a new chicken and rice dish (I did not mention the chard)! And Nate's sick!  And Chuck's gone!  No one to cook for.  I was bereft.  That may have been the low point. 

Oh, here was another good thing.  I read a quote by John Lennon that I loved.  I am paraphrasing rather than quoting, but it was something like, "When I was a kid, my mother told me that the most important thing in life was to be happy.  So, in school, when they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said, 'happy'.  The teacher said that I didn't understand the assignment.  I said that the teacher didn't understand life." 


  1. I loved that quote of John Lennon :) Sorry Nate is sick, but so right, families share things and one thing they share is germs sometimes :) I always enjoy the nights (very infrequently) that hubby is gone on business or whatnot. I like the change of routine, like you I stay up late, I get the remote for myself, etc :)

    Hoping the rest of your weekend goes well.


  2. I'm in love with that quote.
    Never heard it before but I shall be using it.