Friday, February 24, 2012

High Point, Low Point

High Point
Watching Sara's basketball team lose their final game of the season.  They were the worst team in the league, but they had a lot of fun; and she was completely satisfied after the game, because they had managed to score 11 points.

Low Point
Simon and Chuck were both at the game, and it was awkward.  This is the first time they have been in the same space.  Simon was going to take Nate to his soccer match, which was at the same time as Sara's basketball game. Sara asked if this meant that we could finally invite Chuck to come and watch her play.  Yeah, sure.  All was well, until the first minutes of the game, when Simon called and told me that Nate's match had been cancelled, so he was going to bring Nate over to the basketball game and watch Sara play.  I told him that Chuck was with me, but he wanted to come any way.  Of course, he sat in another part of the stands - but he was grim.  I wished he wasn't there.  Chuck felt strange and said that he felt bad, making Si uncomfortable.  That Si had the right to watch his kids and feel good about being there.  I think that, when I have custody of the kids, I get to choose how we hang out.  And Sara had asked specifically of Chuck could come. In my opinion, Si was overstepping.

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  1. Maybe some day when everyone is happy with wherever they are in life, you can sit in the same general area. It happens. Or so I'm told.