Monday, February 6, 2012

January Ends in Pictures

Whew!  I have had a busy week!  It's already February 5, and I'm just now acknowledging the end of January.   
 Up at 6:00 AM.  I am SO not a morning person.  I have to sit on the edge of the bed and stare at my feet for awhile.

 Tea and oatmeal.

Sara can pack her own lunch, if I need a hand.

 Always rushed, dropping off Sara....
 ...but then there's time to kill before Nate meets his bus.  I organize my day a little while we wait.

Nate doesn't mind. 
Today, the workout involves a little time here...
 ...but most of the time spent here.

 I keep track of my workouts with these cards, complete with Little Stick Guy, who demonstrates for me.

 I change at work, in the girls' bathroom.

 Way to negate the workout...  Hey, I only had a piece of the doughnut, not the whole thing.  It was a BACON doughnut!  I had to try it.  In the name of science.

Becca, rummaging for pencils.

 It's a paperwork day.  I have to finish all the enrollment for the new students we brought into Family Literacy.

 I forgot to bring a proper lunch.  I will see if the Kitchen Manager feels merciful today.
 A FEAST!  I didn't realize she was doing a special Chinese New Year lunch. Check it out!
 Well, isn't that sweet.  Too bad it is not actually a fortune.  This is a little peeve of mine. 
 Back to work.
 This volunteer needs to decide which day he wants to tutor.

 As the day goes on, the office fills up with teachers.
 Administrative Staff meeting
 Time to get my lessons prepared.  A unit on families.  Here is a father and a son.
 My to-do list for the evening.
 A former volunteer is now stationed in Swaziland with the Peace Corps.  She e-mailed me this week (Yeah, shall I digress?  Back when I was in the Peace Corps, before e-mail, if we wanted to communicate with the outside world, we would light a fire on a high hill and begin sending smoke signals..) and told me that her Secondary Project is teaching English, and that she has no idea how to get started. I scanned a few Scope and Sequence pages from some popular texts and sent them to  her, with promises to put together more resources for her when I have a little time. 
 I take a minute to make myself new dividers for my recipe card holders at home. 
 Time for staff meeting / supper.

 Mel entertains us with fabulous facts such as the five largest lakes in the world, the longest rivers, etc...
 We now have a teacher's aide.  Sometimes I struggle to remember that I can actually ask her to do stuff when I'm too busy to do it.  I remembered this time, though.  Why should I climb up and get stale crackers down from the stale cracker shelf when Stephanie can do it?

Chuck brought a pizza for us.  Everyone who stops in the office agrees: Chuck rules.

Time for class to start.
Now the cafeteria is the waiting room.

 I check on all my groups and think longingly about the big to-do list.  It would have been great to do some of the things on it, but... 

 ...I did THIS all evening.  One of the new teachers called in four new students, and she is not yet licensed to administer tests.  I had to do all of her testing for her, which is fine; but I didn't get any of my own stuff done.  

 Our big "Fiesta" event is next week. Signs of preparation are everywhere.  
Traci and Stephanie:  both new enough on the staff that they still look a little bewildered at the end of the night.

Check out my seat-heater!  Makes the commute home worthwhile.  So does the fact that Chuck is waiting to have a cocktail and tell me about his day.

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  1. Seat heaters are the best! And your car is totally cute!