Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mascara Causes Mood Swings

 I knew it!

This is why I have lived such a happy life up to now:  makeup avoidance.  Lately, I think I am a showy little peacock because I wear a touch of mascara and lip-liner to work.  Woo-woo.

I am hardly the most qualified person in the world to show Sara anything about makeup.

I got to wear makeup when I turned thirteen, so fair's fair.  It is a coincidence I'm sure, that the advent of makeup, the thirteenth birthday, and the wild mood swings have all begun at once.  She burst into tears several times today and was only able to gasp, "Mood swing!" through her sobs.  "Well,"  I said, "at least you know what they are..."

I got her brown mascara, a brown eyebrow pencil, concealer and lip gloss.

 I know girls this eage love to wear makeup, but I can't figure out WHY.  Look!  She's young!  What more does the kid need?
 I pencilled on a little eyebrow. I have always thought that her white-blonde eyebrows were indistinct.  She is smiling for this picture, but she HATES distinct eyebrows.

She is also very sad about concealer.  Sara thinks the dark shadows around her eyes are evil and must be eradicated for ever more. I remember thinking the same thing at her age and also glopping way too much concealer around my eyes.  Then I surrendered to my DNA.  I showed her that I, too, have shadow around me eyes.  And I managed to find boyfriends when I was young.  And I can still get a date!  Yay me!   She rolled her eyes and continued to mess with the concealer.
 I showed her how to apply mascara and she managed that without any problem.
I tried eyeshadow on her.  I have two purple Clinique shadows that I don't wear, so I put them on her with a very light hand.

So, what des Sara think of makeup? 

Tears.  She thought she would look beautiful, but no, she just looks wierd.  I told ther that she is not used to seeing herself made up and it is a very different look. She needs to get used to it (or not, I thought).  Eyebrow pencil and shadow = wierd
Mascara = OK
Concealer = fail
Lip gloss=  OK
That's the final assessment.

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  1. Awesome pics!! She is beautiful. And so are you--you know, that old apple thingy.

    I recall wanting so badly to wear makeup and not being allowed. So in middle school, I got inventive and started using Chapstick on my eye lashes, which indeed, defined them. Tinted Clearisil passed for foundation, and I used something else for lipstick--strawberry Chapstick maybe.

    Makeup for me was like painting. I was always jealous of kids who got those Barbie heads to practice on.

    I like wearing makeup, especially when I work or go out. I think it's an improvement on my face and my attitude. Then again, I like my hair a little big, too. Call me an 80's chick. That's fine.

    Good luck with the mood swings!