Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hot Foot Melancholy

I have been feeling a bit sad this evening, for reasons I was unable to pinpoint.  Then I realized:  my feet are hot.  I am sitting in front of the wood stove next to Sara, each of us in our own little laptop world.  This started off feeling cozy; but, as I now realize, I have become overheated and dehydrated and this is making me sad.  Well, I'll get up in a sec and make myself a cup of tea.

Today, I went for a six-mile run.  There is a route I can do from Chuck's house: a loop that is hilly and challenging whether I go clockwise or counterclockwise.  Today, it did not rip my guts out quite as much as it sometimes does.  That's good, because I can't cheat the way I did before we got snow.  Used to be, the last half mile up the Little Cottonwood Canyon was via a little footpath, and I would walk it - called it my cool-down.  Now the footpath is covered in slush and snow, so I have to run the last leg out on the Little Cottonwood Canyon Road.  All the skiers coming down the canyon at the end of the day can see me, pink-faced and gasping.  My ego will not allow me to walk. 

I picked up Sara and Nate from their dads's house today, and Sara told me that she had been skiing today. 

"Hey, Mom.  I was riding down the Canyon with Jess and her dad, and we saw this bicyclist pedaling up the Canyon.  We said, 'Why would anyone be cycling up the Canyon in the rain?'  So, Jess says, 'Maybe his wife is chasing him.'  Then a few seconds later, there's this lady running up the Canyon and Jess and her dad start laughing.  Sure enough, his wife IS chasing him! Then I saw:  it was YOU!"

Willie Nelson is singing:

Oh, my love, my darling/
I've hungered for your touch/
A long, lonely time.
Time goes by so slowly/
And time can do so much.
Are you still mine?

Chuck sings this to me sometimes. I think I will go and find him.  All is silent up in the badroom.  I'll bet he has fallen asleep.  Good night!


  1. Even when I was into running every day, I wouldn't have run up a hill in the rain. Sorts out the winners from the losers, wouldn't you say? :D

    People often don't connect feeling ill with dehydration but it can be quite a problem, I am told.