Friday, November 2, 2012

October Ends (Badly) in Pictures

As always, the month ends in pictures. This particular day was not the best day, though. Here it is.

Chuck and I lingered in bed for a little bit.  That part was good.

 Well, this part was pretty good, too.  This is my "new" thrift store outfit.  Pretty jacket... 
 Mini skirt with boots:  a look that makes me feel like Rosanne Cash.  My full length mirror toppled and broke last month.  This one leans against the wall in the area of the bedroom called "Chuck's Office".  Maybe we should relocate it.
 I go for the mail.

 I need to stop by my old house...
 ...and drop off some costume pieces for Sara.  It has long been the tradition that the kids can tell me what they want to be for Halloween, and I will make it happen.  It was no different this year.  However, the kids are starting to think that my creations look too homemade.  Sara ended up rejecting her Egyptian cat-goddess costume and asking if she could use the cave-girl outfit that I wore to a party over the weekend.  She wanted some brown tights to wear underneath, to keep it school-appropriate.  You know, Sara, this costume is homemade as well...

 Mel's hair is purple.  Melissa is Marvin the Martian.
 Here is where I stopped taking pictures of the work day.  I had to enter data onto a web-based collection system; and the Internet was running so slow that I thought I was going to pull my hair out.  A job I thought would take an hour took ALL. DAY.
 Get me out of there! 

 Home sweet home.
 Chuck spent the day doing cabinetry work for a kitchen remodel he is working on. 
 I was miserable and wound up from work.  Chuck suggested a walk. The old road is being dug up to lay a water line.  "Henrietta's"  dog saw us leaving and came along.  She is cooped up in the house all day.  When "Henrietta's" boyfriend gets home from work, she comes over to see Chuck at her old home next door.  This time she was frolicking at our feet when I heard gravel crunching behind us.  "Henrietta" in her pickup truck. 

"Are you taking Sally for a walk?"
Chuck said, "Sally is taking us for a walk."

Henrietta actually smiled and flipped her hair.  She called Sally to get into the truck and was gone.  That is the only time since we have moved here that she has spoken to either of us.  I had really appreciated that boundary.

It is bad enough that I have to live next door to my boyfriend's ex.  Do we have to talk to her, now?  Do we have to share her pets?  Do I have to run into her when I have changed out of my pretty clothes and am out for a walk in my grubbies? 
 Dark by the time we got home.


  1. Hi Kate like your pictorial round up. Nic e jacket. I went to buy a jacket for myself, but decline s as they were too expensive $ 20 each. Have to look for a discount.
    You live in an enchanting place.
    Are those tacos you were eating?

  2. I like these picture posts, a real snippet of your life.
    Although I feel your annoyance living next door to the ex.