Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Are There Any Songs About Wednesday Nights?

One of my students, Ricardo, approached me with a question tonight.  I swear:  "Teacher, I need talk you."  will be the title of my autobiography, should I ever write one.

"Teacher, help me singing this song.  You know.  The song beginning, 'Wednesday night...'".

"Wednesday night?  A song about Wednesday night?"

"Yes.  It start, 'Wednesday night...'"

"Ricardo, I don't know a song about Wednesday night.  In fact, [I begin to laugh at the realization] I don't think there are any songs about Wednesday night in English!  We NEVER sing about Wednesdays!"

"Sure!  Listen!

Wednesday night has come/
And the land is dark/
Is the moon...

What next, Teacher?"


Yeah, Ricardo, I know that song

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