Monday, February 25, 2013

HIgh Point, Low Point

Low Point

Tearing up with my friend and colleague BK, whose non-profit English language school went out of business last month.  We met for coffee and to talk about how stressful it is to try to keep these types of  operations running.

High Point

The scene in Die Hard With a Vengeance when John McClane rumps out of the car, the car hits a truck, flies up in the air and takes out a low-hovering helicopter.


  1. I am sorry for your friend... it is so hard....

  2. So sorry about your friend! But at least the helicopter went down.

    My high point: painting and creating cards to enhance my little biz. It's a nice break from just writing--creative in a different way, relaxing and proof I am indeed working!

    Low point: hubby will be part of the DOD sequester. Worries about money.