Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Ends in Pictures

 This is not my best effort, I'm afraid.  I got very busy and did not concentrate on taking photos.  But here it is, such as it is.
 I have to take so darn much Vitamin D these days.  Ridiculous.

 Time to get the kids off to school.  Note the broken down van, which has been undrivable since Marianne's boyfriend vandalized it.
 Nate likes to sleep while we wait for his school bus.

 Becca's students gave her a baby shower.  Nice bib, Becca!

 Training for volunteers tonight.  Melissa is helping me by teaching them a little Korean, so they can see how it feels to be exposed to a language they are unfamiliar with.  I usually teach Polish; but I was getting burned out on it, and Melissa wanted to give this a try.

 The training is a 50/50 mix of volunteer tutors and students, who are acting as practice models.
 This was written in the board in the Third Grade classroom.  Stay off the Fruit Snack Warning List, that's all I can say. 

Chuck is making good progress on our carrying case, to haul the tandem to Spain. 

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