Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Thirteen

I'm playing this for the first time.  Here goes.
Thirteen things that are very small, but are making me very happy these days.

1.        Pulling weeds with Bluegrass playing on the radio
2.       My new (well, new to me)(very figure-flattering)mini-skirt jumper
3.       Chuck’s hand on my back
4.       Watching giant waves crash into rocks
5.       Chai latte
6.       Dancing with Scarlett the cockatoo to Paul Simon’s "Graceland".
7.       A hungry, spontaneously gathered crew of friends crowded around Chuck's long farmhouse table
8.       A juicy hamburger overflowing with ketchup and pickles
9.       Being surprised by the sudden smell of lilacs
10.   Hearing one of my English as a Second Language students say, “Teacher, I need talk you.”
11.   Watching tree limbs sway in the wind
12.   Singing in bed with Chuck while we wait to fall asleep:  “Unchained Melody”; “Three Little Birds”; “Good Morning Starshine”…
13.   Huge, noisy thunder!


  1. You have a cuckatoo called Scarlett?
    Good list, I might have a crack at that.
    By the way, can finally access my email again and will reply, sorry for the delay.

  2. What a wonderful list. Welcome to Thursday Thirteen. Life really is about the small stuff, isn't it? Some people never figure that out.

  3. it is definitely the little things that count!
    and the ones that make me the happiest, the magic i feel when the headache i have disappears as my little girl gently presses my forehead (as mommy has a headache) - no medicine needed..

  4. I love it! Reminds me of my "grateful list."