Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mea Culpa

I have made a deal with myself:  I will blog every day for a week.  And when I don't, I have to have a good excuse. 

No blog entry last night!  Good excuses, though:  the Internet was down.  It almost always is.  There is only one company that has service in the Canyon; and they decided to point the only antenna that works for our house at a different part of town.  I can only get Internet at rare intervals.

OK!  My other excuse is that I got a DTaP shot at school and then I got a fever.  I think I may be a bit sensitive to vaccines, because I often get a fever afterward.  At any rate, I couldn't blog because I felt like shit!

Exonerated.  And optimistic that I will be able to post Thursday Thirteen tonight!

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