Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Patrice is feeling better this week and has posted some new questions for "Chats on the Farmhouse Porch".Come join in and kick back for a bit - wrapped in a blanket, because it's getting COLD out there!

1.  Do you have any special plans for this week?

Yes, indeed!  First of all, I have my kids for 10 straight days, because their dad is abroad on business.  this is easier on the kids - they can unpack and stay awhile!  they have outgrown Halloween, which, some of my long-time readers may understand has left me a bit bereft.  So, we'll have a Day of the Dead party instead.  I'm making Chicken mole and Pork Posole (which rhyme, but that is not the reason I chose them) and something for dessert...I don't know yet.  We will play Loteria for cheesy prizes after supper.  I was thinking that it would be funny to put prizes in brown bags and let people pick when they win.  Then, after the first winner, subsequent winners could either choose a paper bag or they could steal the prize of someone else.  The prizes are fabulous!  Groucho Marx nose; Pink flamingo, etc...  Both adults and kids will be there, including Sara's boyfriend, Nick, whom I will be meeting for the first time.  hey have "liked" each other for over a year, but his parents are so strict that they would not allow him to come over and spend time with us.  There are a few folks in Utah who take local religious differences to an extreme - they have been considering whether to allow Nick to accept our invitation for two weeks.

the only thing ruining my fun is that I can't find Sugar Skulls.  I have checked four Mexican bakeries, all the Mexican supermarket chains and a catering company, to no avail.  If I had known they would be so difficult to find, I would have ordered a mold online weeks ago and made them myself.  now it's too late.  one of the volunteers that works here at Adult Education with me left me this voicemail on Friday:

"Kate!  Girlfriend, you are TRYING too hard!  My Mexican friends tell me that, out in this part of town (West Valley), you can get sugar skulls everywhere! Winco, Costco, Walmart..."

I called her back and told her that, if she could find me 15, I would reimburse her and give her a bunch of roasted chiles I have in my freezer.

I got another voicemail today.

"Hey!@  My Mexican neighbors are LOCO!"  Sure, they have sugar skulls at Walmart...in Mexico!"

I haven't given up quite yet, but I"m losing hope.

2.  What's the mos relaxing thing you do?

My hot bath every Friday night.  Candles, adult beverages, contemplative leg-shaving...

3.  Have you every worn a wig?

In high school, when I played Veta in "the Canterville Ghost".

4.  Do you have an office or special place for your computer?

At home, Chuck and I have our desks situated back-to-back in our bedroom.  The bedroom is ridiculously large.  If we had a kitchenette up there, we would never need to come out.  I have a second-hand oak roll-top in there.

5.  What is your favorite kind of socks?

Whatever works with the shoe du jour.  Like my kids, I no longer care if they match or not.  If the show covers my whole foot and no one will see (or sometimes, even when people WILL see), I may have a black one that says "Noel" on the ankle; and another that is turquoise.  It;'s great!  now, when I get a hole in a sock, I don't throw out the pair;  I just throw out the sock.

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  1. Would you believe that I never heard of sugar skulls? I had to google them! And Liv is over trick or treating this year, but is invited to two costume parties. She is pondering going as Lady Gaga in her meat costume or a hippie (and raiding my closet since she tells me that I dress like "Stevie Nicks." I told her that Stevie wasn't really a hippie....Janis Joplin was more like it, but she has her own ideas of hippiedom.) So far, no boyfriends, but I am INSANELY curious about Nick. Write about him, yes? I want to meet him.