Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Thirteen [Thirteen Tiny Things]

1.  Queen Jody, the school cook, loves to steal my coffee mug and surreptitiously wash it.  She looks inside it and thinks, "Gross!"  I look inside it and think "Flavor patina."
2.  I got to use the word "internecine" in a sentence this week.
3.  At the local grocery store the avocados are coded wrong. They currently require me to show ID in order to purchase them.
5.  Chuck and I took our tandem on a ride with another couple on their tandem and made quite a stir with our tandem tandems.
6.  Random edibles:  banana candy from Vietnam.  Think of a brown Gummy Bear mating with a Bit-o-Honey bar.
7.  Finally found out the giver of my mysterious wedding gift.  A wind chime and a giant fortune cookie appeared on my desk when I returned from my wedding trip.  There was no card and no one that I asked know anything about it.  Turned out to be one of the teachers on my staff, who realized that she had not included a card, became embarrassed, didn't tell me it was from her...  etc...  After a few days had passed, she got even more embarrassed.  She finally, after about a month, she told a colleague, who in turn told me.  I sent her a thank you card, apologizing for the lateness!  HAHAHAHAHA!
8.  I went to the store late last night, with a horrible hankering for some "Abuelita" brand Mexican chocolate.  It makes the BEST cocoa!  They didn't have it!  Had to settle for a box of Junior Mints.
9.  Gift pack from United Way, to thank me for being a teacher.  Two pens, two pencils, sticky notes, and three Jolly Ranchers.
10.  I got a sunburn during the Marathon last week, and am now peeling so horribly that people are looking at me, then looking away...
11.  A former student came to the school last night and asked me if I remembered him.  He shook my hand and then held it for a while while I was talking to his daughter-in-law.  It was very heart-warming.
12.  We have a little boy who will be staying in our babysitting room while his mother takes English classes.  He is autistic and  keens loudly for the entire time his mother is studying.  I do not know how I am going to handle this.
13.  Until Saturday, I am letting myself eat anything I want, 'cuz I just ran a Marathon, so there!  I went and got a big ol' burger and fries from Wendy's today.  I haven't eaten fast food in months!  it was soo gooood!


  1. Well done with your marathon run! You deserve that burger and fries.

  2. What a nice woman that queen must be.