Friday, October 11, 2013

Slumber Party

It is getting colder at our house.  Time to get the stoves ready for cooking and heating.

 This has me thinking about Halloween and whether I could make a cute Chimney Sweep costume.  Black top hat...leotard...muffler...soot smudges (we have real soot!).  On the other hand, these are not cuddly brushes.  They are sharp, stiff wire. Not good in the dance floor.

I am sitting at one of those wireless Internet stations in the airport, waiting for my flight for Phoenix to board.  Ah, in fact it has started boarding; but I like to be one of the last people to get on.  I'll wait a little.  I have had some stress this morning already.  I was so sure hat I had booked this flight under my old name; I held off on changing my name on my drivers licence and my credit cards for this reason.  Imagine my surprise when I went to check myself in and saw that I had booked in my new name.  SHIT.  Turns out that this problem can be solved, for $50 and a long wait at the desk.   

The line to board is moving faster.  I am going to see my aunt, who has not been well and has been asking for me. I have postponed this trip long enough  Finally, I stopped trying to block out a three-day visit and am just going. My aunt protested, "That's not much of a visit!"  Don't think of it as a visit, Aunt Marian.  Think of it as a slumber party. 

Gotta fly. No time to edit.

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