Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Begins in Pictures

Why is the kitchen always such a mess?
I'll show you two reasons.
Anybody there?  The kids' dad had surgery yesterday, so he is resting at home.  We stopped by to check on him (and get Nathan's soccer bag, which he had forgotten).

I'll let you guess:  did his team win or lose?

We are starting to get sun in the house for an hour or so each day.  This futon is placed in a handy sunbeam especially for my relaxation purposes.
I had to get a new phone.  I'm joining Chuck's family plan - the ultimate in marital commitment.  This is my first smart phone.  Good thing the phone is smart.  Too bad it likes to make a fool out of me.
Simon wanted one of those donut shaped pillows, but this store was closed.  Found one at Walgreen's.

Our first liquor store run in many months.  Nathan thought it would be very daring and inappropriate to pose with the booze.
Sara told me that I should take this pillow out of the box before giving it to Simon, so he wouldn't see the old man on the front.  I scoffed that Si was feeling too under-the-weather to notice the picture on the front of the box.  Guess what was the first thing he noticed?

Oh, God.  It does everything.  How do I just make a fucking phone call?!?

I had forgotten that Tortilla Soup requires straining the tomato solids through a sieve to make a clear broth.  I made a rule a few years ago that, if a recipe called for sieves or cheesecloth, I was going to just say no.  Problem is, this is Sara's favorite supper in the world...

Cocoa, popcorn and a movie.  Those pillows propped against the wall are for Chuck and me.  Happy March everyone!


  1. Your pics look very arty. I like this post.
    Is that a huge rabbit?

  2. Ok...I'm starved for details and realize that you can't provide them. Can I just say that if Bing's ex tried to move in with me, she would get her ass kicked good and hard. And now I feel badly because Liv's father (sort of my ex) lived with us for several months this Autumn and Winter. There is a story. I know it. And I am hungry for it, Kate!