Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Well, the weather is warm and lovely wherever Patrice lives.  I woke up to snow this morning.  And darkness because of miserable Daylight Savings.  I like Daylight Savings in the fall, but not in the spring.  Obviously.

1.  If you are in the US, does the time change mess you up?

A little.  It makes me sad because, just when it was starting to be light out when I leave the house at 7 AM to take the kids to school...we are back to evil darkness.

2.  Do you usually drink a beverage with meals?  

Yes, and it is generally alcoholic:  wine, beer, hard cider, etc...  Lately ,though, I am trying to drink more water, rather than my usual hydration routine:  coffee, coffee, tea, booze, booze, tea with booze.  I am sitting here with a nice big water bottle at my elbow, feeling virtuous.  And hydration reform includes drinking water at supper time.  [gleaming halo!]

3.  How often do you iron clothes?  

Whenever I get three things or more that need ironing.  Otherwise, I will wait.  I love to iron, to be honest.  It's so fulfilling!  Wrinkles get eliminated!  How many other things in life can be smoothed over so easily?

4.  When was the last time you took an enjoyable walk?  

Almost any walk is enjoyable.  Yesterday, I went to see Rosa, one of my former colleagues / students, who lives a few blocks from my school.  She is sidelined by chemotherapy and wants a bit of company.  It was warm and breezy out so, thoroughly pleasant for walking.  I screwed up a bit:  I know where she lives more or less; but not the exact house.  I realized when I had already walked a couple of blocks that I had left the house number on my desk and didn't k now which place was hers.  I walked up and down the sidewalk like Winnie-the-Pooh when he says, "Tut, tut.  It looks like rain" for a while, hoping she would see me from her window.  No luck.  After a bit, I saw a Vietnamese lady closing her garden gate and went up to her.  I asked her about Rosa R.  Does she know a Rosa R.?  Does she live near here?  "Rosa R.?  Live far!  Very far!"  She gestured broadly to the south.  "Not near here?"  "No!  Very far."  Hum.  Then she glanced at my hands, holding ginger tea and some other goodies.  Her eyebrows went up.  "Oh!  Rosy!  You go see Rosy, huh?"  She directed me to the kitchen door of the house next door.

Let's see... Patrice asked for another little something.  Here's a sexy little tale of middle-aged romance.  We were watching a movie last night and I went to nuzzle Chuck's ear while we were flopped on the sofa.  I kissed him gently and he asked, "How does that feel?"
"Kissing my ear plug?"
He has been sticking plugs in his right ear lately, hoping it will help his tinnitus.    Truth to tell, I hadn't noticed.  His ear is a little bit fuzzy-feeling, anyway!  So I leaned in again, used my teeth to dislodge it, and spat it across the room:  "PHUH!"  Ooo-la-la!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog--and thanks to Maria for the hook-up.

    I hooted at the earplug "patooi" and have to say I'm ripe to like anyone whose day consists of drinking tea in a holding pattern until it's time for booze. And by that, I mean "anyone who is careful to hydrate with lots of water."

  2. Ah, wine with supper, I remember that.....don't do it so much any more.

  3. I truly miss booze. I rarely drink now, am on painkillers for my RA, so it is frowned upon. But sometimes, I forego the painkiller so that I can drink with my bestie, Harriet. And yes...it all comes back. The way your spine relaxes when you are about a third of the way through your drink. And that first sip of Jack on the rocks. God. I am SO meant to be an addict.

  4. I shall definitely be drinking wine with my meal tonight, it's Friday after all. And I simply can't wait.