Saturday, May 17, 2014

Six Word Saturday

We've named this boulder "Flower Smasher".

[Chuck's ex-girlfriend wants to make sure that we understand clearly:  the triangle of property where half the driveway used to be is HERS.  For a time, she claimed that her driveway was going to go there, and that was why she wouldn't sell Chuck's driveway back to him.  But one of the workers told Chuck that she was just going to put a boulder there.  Indeed.  Chuck did ask the workman if they could salvage my spring bulbs that were planted there.  The boulder makes that clear as well:  no.

Sara and I think is a really  funny metaphor.  Some people rain on other people's parades.  Some people pee in other people's punch bowls.  Marianne drops a boulder on my daffodils.] 


  1. People are funny, aren't they? At least your dead daffodils have a headstone.

  2. I do like the headstone thought. Silly is as silly does sometimes. Poor sad little daffodils.

  3. As we say here on the prairie: "You done been told!"

  4. It is a funny metaphor.
    And always keep your sense of humour!