Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April Ends in Pictures

Somebody is still half asleep...

Chuck's ex-girlfriend is building her dream-home right next door.  In the settlement with Chuck, he ceded her some property (there was a dispute about the property line).  As you can see, she has really enjoyed claiming every inch of what is hers, to the point that we have half a driveway at the moment.  She plans to put a big boulder there. Chuck offered her $5,000 for that little triangle of land, but she refused, so she could put a boulder there.

Chuck helped me by taking Sara to school, so I just have to drop off Nate.
The rec center is right here...
...but I'll run outside today.
Time to collect rents.

Still in the old school building for a few more months.
With the same old coffee machine.
I am working on my big federal grants today, tot he exclusion of all else.  I'll change into something comfy.

Same old teachers' room, but only until August, everybody!

So, there is a glitch with Adobe, which is the form that my grant proposals are in.  Adobe shuts down without warning, instantly losing any unsaved work.  I wrote a whole section about Professional Development of the teaching staff, and then, BLIP, it was gone, and my screen looked like this.  I had been on a roll, too,  and hadn't saved...

Guess the grants will have to come home with me over the weekend.

Nate was waiting for me at his dad's house.

And here's Sara, done with track practice.
She's going to hang out with her friend Jamie.

Planting my lettuce, cilantro, etc...
Here is my bed-spring trellis!

Clearing a trail to the tepee.

Chuck is making tie-down loops for it.

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  1. How grown up does Sara look now.
    That's nice of the ex to build her dream house next door.