Monday, January 30, 2012

How Many People Does it Take to Lift a Fiat?

I am feeling dreadful tonight.  i haven't blogged for almost a week, and now that I am in the mood, I have a splitting headache.

I will simply relay that this morning, when I left my apartment with the kids, I was really surprised to see that my car was not in its little covered stall, which is included in my rent.  The kids pointed it out to me, four stalls away.  Naturally, there was a snotty note from the tenant who is assigned that stall, threatening to have me towed, etc...

I wrote a note apologizing profusely for my carelessness, but I'm a little hung up on how I could have DONE that.  I would have noticed, wouldn't I?  I have managed to half-convince myself that a group of guys picked up my tiny Fiat and moved it.  That must have been what happened.  Yeah.

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  1. It's easy, I forget where I park the car on the ferry almost every day