Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Small Lake City

I am bummed that I do not have a light-up keyboard.  I am solving the problem this evening by wearing Chuck's special reading glasses.  They have LEDs built into the frames so you can light up the page you are reading.  Ridiculous, but pretty handy.  The only problem is that I have not yet reached the age at which I need reading glasses, so the magnification makes me feel like I am going to barf.  Hence, they are perched on the very tip of my nose and I am peering over the top of them.  I look a little like a librarian at a rave. 

No new developments on my subpoena.  I have a feeling that I am not going to be permitted to savor the deposition experience.  Since Chuck and I are now married, I don't have to cooperate with depositions.  Ooooh... More legalese!  I think I get to say, "That's privileged."  Fun!  Still can't figure our why Marianne wants any testimony from me in a property dispute, anyway.  It's not my lookout, really.  There is some speculation that she wants to find out if I have been paying Chuck rent.  If I were, then she would try acquire a portion of it - she is still on the deed to the house.  Bummer for Marianne that I have never paid Chuck rent.  Marianne did.  What all of this means is that Marianne will get no satisfaction, and I won't get to go out to lunch with my lawyer.  Pooh.

Speaking of Marianne, I experienced a funny coincidence last night.  Chuck dropped by Guadalupe in the evening, and I took the opportunity to introduce him to our two new teachers, Jody and Ana.  He and Jody looked at each other for a second and realized that they knew each other already, having moved in the same social circles in the past.  They were both in relationships with architects at the same time.  Turns out that Jody and I have a bunch of mutual friends.  I don't know how it is in other places; but this happens a lot in Salt Lake City.  Sometimes, I think it is because Mormons and non-Mormons tend toward different social circles; and the non-Mormons form a relatively small group.  I got an e-mail a few days ago from a woman who is interested in volunteering in Adult Education.  She told me she was a friend of one of our current volunteers, which isn't that unusual.  but then she said she was also friends with my real estate agent. 

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