Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I  was actually subpoenaed today!  All part of the ongoing feud between Chuck and his ex-girlfriend, Marianne.  Ana, the receptionist, buzzed me at about 1 PM and told me there was someone to see me.  That usually only happens when someone has made an appointment, so I jokingly asked her, "Oh, yeah?  Is it someone I like?"  She laughed and said, "No!"

It reminds me of the time a guy showed up on April Fool's Day and told me he was with the FBI and needed to question me about a student.  I laughed my butt off until he took out a big-ass badge...  This guy had an unnaturally large head on a narrow set of shoulders.  He was with a detective agency.  I have never flirted with anyone from a detective agency before. 

The subpoena is rather interesting.  It has language such as, "You are commanded..."  I'm curious about what it is like to be deposed, since I have never done it before. 

Do I dress up?

Do I take our lawyer with me?  Will he have time to go out for a sandwich afterward?

Do I get to give torrid details about our sex life?  Will I get to spew legal jargon?  "That's overbroad!  Your honor, may I approach?  Overruled!" 

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