Monday, September 23, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

I get a lot of enjoyment from the blog Everyday Ruralty.  Today we are having Chats on the Farmhouse Porch.  Please join in!  
  1. What's  the one thing you feel is the biggest waste of  your time during an average week?  DRIVING!  I spend so much time and gas getting the kids from place to place.  We live far from both of their schools (and, yes, they attend different ones...); Nathan has soccer; Sara often has early morning cross-country practice along with soccer and more cross-country after school Only a year and a half until Sara has her drivers license.  I can't wait!  Or can I?  When I think about what it means to put a young person behind the wheel of a car, I feel a bit queasy.  
  2. When was the last time you baked a pie?  Last weekend.  Apple, and it was soooooo yummy! 
  3. What do you want to spend time doing that you aren't right now? I want to sew.  I want to finish my quilt, but I never get a moment to sit down and work on it.  Between my job and housework and kids and friends and the garden, it is hard to eke more minutes out of the day.  In my previous life, I would just stay up very, very late, get more done and not get any sleep.  But in my new life, Chuck is insistent that part of being my husband and looking out for me is making sure I get to sleep at a decent hour.  
  4. What do you do with old clothes?  If they are in really good condition, I bring them down to my work. I run an adult education program for immigrants, and they are always happy to see donated clothes or household appliances.  If they are not in good condition, I have them picked up by Friends of Big Bothers and Big Sisters.  My friend Mark works for them and has explained to me how no cloth goes to waste.  If it is not wearable any more, it will be ragged and used for other purposes. This question is a little funny for me, because I am also the answer to what OTHER people do with their old clothes!  I shop for clothing almost never, instead gleaning hand-me-downs and shopping at thrift stores.   
  5. If we were having lunch on the porch today, what would you bring for the potluck styled lunch?  Peach Cobbler!  I made a really good one last night, with a crust superior to my prior cobblers.  Pride is a sin, I know.  I would need to beg forgiveness.  

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  1. I love peach cobbler and apple pie. I totally understand what you mean about having a young person learn to drive. Queasy! I used to think I didn't need sleep. Now I know how much I actually do. Have a good week!