Sunday, September 8, 2013

Let's Pretend it's Fall!

I woke to a gentle, all-day rain this morning.  That is very rare in Utah.  It doesn't mean that autumn is here; but it means that we could be forgiven for thinking of it.  I baked an apple pie and picked squash.  I invited our frend Cliff down for supper and we experimented with different squash stuffings.

The smackdown:
ground beef, mushroom, onion, Swiss cheese and peas
Chorrizo, almonds, raisins, onion, cheddar


  1. Difficult! Think I'm going with the beef as I'm not keen on chorizo (but I love almonds)

  2. You've changed your blog, like it. It's a new era.
    I can't choose, they both sound yummy. Can you fly me some over and I'll make my mind up?!