Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday's Special: (Jokes from Victor)

I enjoy reading the blog of Restless Jo when I get the chance; and today she posted an entry under the heading of Thursday's Special.  I would like to do this too!  I just have to figure out how to get Thursday's widget to link up.  While I'm getting that sussed, we'll just do a little primitive linking, here.

My English as a Second Language student Victor M. made today special for me, with these jokes.

Victor:  How do you put a camel into a fridge in three steps?
[Shit!  he has told me this one at some point in the past, but I forget...]
Kate:  I give up.
[Pause here to explain how, "I give up" is what we always say when we don't know the answer to a riddle.]
Victor:  One:  open the fridge.  Two: put the camel in the fridge.  Three: close the fridge.

Victor:  Kate!  How do you get an ELEPHANT into a fridge in three steps?
Kate:  Let me guess:  One:  open the fridge. Two: put the elephant in the fridge. Three: close the fridge.

Victor:  OK...How do you get the camel into a fridge in FOUR steps?
Kate:  ....... I give up.
Victor:  One:  open the fridge.  Two:  take the elephant out of the fridge.  Three:  put the camel in the fridge.  Four:  close the fridge.

OK, OK.  One more.

Victor:  One time, God threw a dinner party, and he invited all the animals of the world to attend.  All the animals were honored to be invited and all of them attended except one.  Which animal did not attend?
Kate:  I give up.  Which one?
Victor:  The camel.  He was still in the fridge.

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  1. Did you ever sort your widget Kate? I'm pretty low tech so I assure you it's easy. I don't have the widget for Thursday's Special in my sidebar yet because I've only done a couple. :) Thanks for the mention, by the way.