Friday, September 13, 2013


I really have no reason to be grumpy.  But today, everything just felt like a demand.  Sara climbed into the car and told me that she had a special cross-country practice at 6:15 AM tomorrow. 

And I'm throwing a (hopefully) big party tomorrow night. 

And I really should be working in a long run tomorrow, but I already know that I won't have time.  And anyway, my knee is bugging me, and the race is only two weeks away.

And our Internet sucks.  And maybe I am a Luddite, and I should have a Smart Phone or a Tablet, because apps are the wave of the future and the technology train is leaving the station without me.

And the weather is cool, but we only have about a quarter of the wood we need.  Sara says, why not just heat with propane? I point out that propane is far, far more expensive than natural gas.  Then Chuck teases me about how much propane we would save if I took shorter showers.

All of this has made me irritable.  I am running a hot bath.

Sara has just come in and told me that she left her running shoes at her dad's house.  Is it OK if we go there on the way to cross-country in the morning? 

(Sigh.)  I need a Scotch. 


  1. You would imagine such an idea would have the Zapatillas Running Baratas companies issuing legal writs in a mad panic, but instead they realized that most people were not actually going to run barefoot.

  2. Hope the Scotch worked?

    I know the feeling - the technology train is leaving the station without me.