Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blowin' Like Stink

A storm has come in this evening.  This is kind of a bummer for me because I don't know how to use Chuck's snow plow, and he is in California.  I will park out by the main road and walk in, I guess.  The wind was gusting so hard that it blew the cover off the hot tub.  There was a series of thumps and bumps and scraping sounds that I didn't recognize; and I called Chuck to have his company while I walked around to the different porches, finding toppled items. 

So, how did I amuse myself this evening after work?

First, I did a few chores outside.  Since the wind was blowing so hard, I tied my (rather voluminous) skirt in a knot in front of me, so I wouldn't trip on it.  I took a metal washtub full of ash from the stove and dumped it in the creek bottom; I filled the same tub with wood that is cut to fit the cook stove and took it inside.  I rescued a few things from the yard that I didn't think should get wet or buried:  the bags of rock salt Chuck bought a few days ago, and his car roof rack.

I had a glass of wine and made myself same pho.  Actually, it was just instant ramen.  But instead of using the nasty little flavor packet, I happened to have some special instant pho broth and a couple of pho spice packets.  Those went into the pot; and I added frozen peas and corn, and cracked an egg into it.  Chuck called me while I was eating.  I told him I was eating pho, but not real pho.  "Oh!"  he said.  "Feaux pho."

I concocted a crock pot stew of chicken and Lima beans and put it on to simmer. 

I dusted the upstairs, then cleaned off my closet shelf. 

I spent some time sorting out family photos.  I have become the keeper of the photos, it seems.  I keep finding envelopes of them in boxes and the trunk I acquired after Dad died. 

My reverie was interrupted by a commotion downstairs.  I had opened Jack's cage door in case he wanted to fly around the house a little.  He took a lengthy flight and wound up on a high windowsill over a ledge, then apparently decided he could get himself down.  I was scared to clamber out on the ledge and get hmi, but I did.  He thanked me by shitting on my shoulder.  Thanks, Jack.  Time for bed. 


  1. Oh gee whiz. I sure do know the feeling about being stranded and which way to turn, but our determination does send us normally to do just what needs to get done. Great snowy photo, although this Minnesota girl is ready for spring!

  2. You are such a busy bee when Chuck is gone. When Bing is gone, I eat processed foods and watch that show on HGTV where David and Hilary argue about whether a couple should love or list their home. I always root for David because he makes me laugh. I also clean out the fridge and cupboards when Bing is gone because she thinks it is perfectly okay to eat canned green beans that expired in 2008 or eggs that say BEST by December 02, 2013. But I don't save animals or do any fancy pants cooking. Do you read Jocelyn @ O Mighty Crisis? I swear the three of us need to go out for drinks one day.