Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

I am really excited to chat with Patrice this week, on her porch.  She has asked about seed catalogs.  Now, I don't do seed catalogs, per se; but I am a passionate (if clumsy) gardener.  I have already begun diagramming my garden plan for this year.  It is somewhat complicated by the relocation of Chuck's driveway, which will necessitate removing my two brand new raised beds, before I even plant anything in them!  They are built, painstakingly leveled with river rocks, and filled.  Ready for asparagus; ready for rhubarb.  But Chuck has settled his property dispute with his ex-girlfriend, who is building her dream house right next door.  She has laid claim to a new property line, which is about 8 feet over Chuck's property line.  We are going to let her have it.  We will shrug and build a new driveway.  We will relocate our gardens.  I will make the yard beautiful again.

How many seed catalogs have arrived at your home?

None.  I generally go to the nurseries and buy seeds, as well as starts.  However, I am garden dreaming...garden scheming...

Will you be learning to do something new this year?

Oh, yes.  Let's see.  There is the ever-absorbing quilt, which is pieced together but now needs batting, backing, quilting and binding.  All new skills; and all skills that I will be trying to acquire by looking at pictures and making mistakes.  This will also be a big river-trip year.  It is looking pretty likely that we will be doing a 17-day Grand Canyon trip in September.  I may well be organizing all the food.  I also really want to row.  Can I manage a big raft full of gear in rapids?  I will practice all I can over the summer.  This winter, I am working on building the strength in my shoulders and back.  My shoulders are killing me as we speak, from the weight room.

How many pairs of boots do you own?

Huh.  Four pairs of dress boots (I love them!); a pair of Sorrels for snowy days; a pair of hiking boots... are we counting ski boots?

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  Do you have something planned for Valentine's Day?

Well, I am a newlywed.  However,  I think Valentine's Day is kind of Hallmark-gross.  I plan to write a note to Chuck, to tell him that I love him.  I will put it in little can shaped like a mail box, and put the little flag up, then leave it on his computer keyboard.  Cute, huh?  Then I'll go buy a nice raunchy sex-toy.

Please tell me your favorite breed of dog.  If you don't like dogs, tell me something about your favorite animal.

I am not a dog lover and don't have a favorite breed.  I do love individual dogs, though.  Does that make sense?  I love Sally, a sassy little West Highland White terrier.  I love Toni, a mixed breed with a lot of Australian Shepherd.  But I am not compelled to have my own dog.  Too much work.  I would rather be a loving Aunt Kate to several dogs.

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  1. Well, you know that you have a gardener soul mate in me. I, too, have my garden all planned out. And how awful that you have to move it, but this may be serendipity. New soil is good for plants. I can't wait to share stories this summer. Ah, summer! I am SO hungry for summer! And I agree about Valentine's Day. It is sloppy silly and we refuse to participate much. We try to find the mushiest, stupidest, over the top cards and give them to each other, complete with a competition for who can write the most nauseating love note inside. Once, Bing actually bought me a coffee cup with this awful photo of her on it that said, "I love you this much!" with her arms spread. I took it to work but ended up bringing it back home because no one got it. They kept coming into my office and saying stilted things like, "Oh, my! Well, isn't that.....sweet."