Wednesday, January 8, 2014


 Chuck is making chairs this winter.  He hasn't tried it before, but he wants his daughter to have some, to match the table he made for her a few years ago.
 I am documenting the process, not only for fun and this blog, but also because he is using West Systems Epoxy for the gluing.  I think West Systems Epoxy is hilarious.  They have a magazine!  Epoxy World!  When we get an issue of Epoxy World, I pore over the stories of amazing projects done with West Systems Epoxy.  Boats!  Kitchen remodels!  The wonders of really good glue.  When this project is finished, I plan to submit it to Epoxy World, and I will be published for the first time ever!
 In other news, everything old is new again.  When Marianne lived here with Chuck, she had a blackboard screwed to the laundry room door, and she wrote her shopping list on it.  When she moved out (to the cabin next door), the blackboard went with her.  When she tore her cabin down, with plans to build a new one, she discarded the blackboard in the dumpster.  I saw it there and pulled it out.  The things people throw away!  Still has her shopping list on it:

Notice the last item:  new cabin.  I certainly hope that works out for her, since she has destroyed the old one.  You can't see it well anymore, because I smudged it when I put it back in its place on the door; but under the "New Cabin", she added "Septic" (hers had failed) and "Cloaking Device for Neighbors".  I guess that is a Star Trek reference.  Unfortunately for Marianne, that is a problem with her decision to continue her life as Chuck's next-door neighbor.  Chuck will be there, and so will I:  enjoying life; having parties; playing the stereo and laughing on the porch swing.  All that baggage, piled up only a few feet away.

This is what I prefer.  A clean slate.


  1. I like the way red wine is top of the shopping list.

  2. I can't even imagine how hard this must have been for all involved. To live next door to your ex and his new wife. To live next door to your ex-wife. To live next door to your husband's ex-wife. It is just creepy on all levels for everyone involved.

    1. Hi, Maria-
      Yes, it has been difficult. They were never married, but they lived together for a long time. Since she tore down her house last spring, she and her boyfriend have been living elsewhere, and it has been very peaceful. When spring comes, she will be building her "dream home" on the lot next door, and there she and the boyfriend will remain.